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Here's what you need to know about the search engine optimisation tool.

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What is rankingCoach?

rankingCoach is your personal SEO (search engine optimisation) trainer. It gives you easy-to-follow instructions to optimise your website so customers can find it more easily on search engines like Google.

rankingCoach monitors your competition, makes keyword suggestions, notifies you when you get a new review, and checks how you're doing on social media. You can even use it to set up targeted search engine advertising.

First, it checks your website, then gives you step-by-step guidance to improve it. So, you might get a recommendation to change your keywords, or to check out the competition.

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What can rankingCoach do?

rankingCoach helps you optimise your website step by step, leading to a better ranking on search engines. The better your ranking is, the more visits your website will get!

You can also use it to start your own search engine advertising (SEA) campaigns with Google AdWords. rankingCoach lets you preview how your ads will appear on Google and estimates how many clicks you can expect per day.

Start, pause or end campaigns any time and get more out of your ad budget.

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How do I get started with rankingCoach?

Once you've created your account, rankingCoach will check your website. Based on this analysis, you'll get a custom list of changes for improving your site. Helpful video tutorials show you exactly what to do.

Then, get stuck in and watch your website move up the search rankings!

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