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Create an email address

Show you’re open for business with professional email

A unique email domain makes your brand stand out from the crowd

Why do I need a domain?
A domain name is what the follows the “@” symbol in your email address. Creating a unique domain name that uses your business name or brand is easier for your customers to remember.Close

Why choose email from 1&1 IONOS?

Email address matching your domain

Unlike free providers, with hosted email you aren't restricted to a limited list of available email addresses, and with a free domain name included permanently in all email packages, you can have a fully personalised email address that is more professional.
Having an email address that matches your business name will boost your brand and make it easier for your customers to remember. You can also create additional email addresses for different parts of your business (e.g.,

Advanced mailbox security

1&1 IONOS Hosted Email keeps your mailbox safe and secure with top-level antivirus and anti-spam tools. Our state-of-the-art virus protection keeps your mailbox safe from viruses and other online threats.
The 1&1 IONOS data centres comply with strict European data privacy regulations, plus your emails are automatically protected with SSL/TLS encryption.

Easily set up your email address

Register your perfect domain

Find a domain that matches the name of your business and register it for free after choosing your mail package. If you already have a domain, we'll help you connect it to 1&1 IONOS.

Set up your email

Activate and manage your new email account from the 1&1 IONOS Control Panel. To make the setup process even easier, we have extensive articles and step-by-step guides in the help centre.

Get started on any device

Access your email on your desktop through the 1&1 IONOS WebMail, Outlook Web App or client, or connect your mailbox to your smartphone's email client.

Package overview

Address book
Virus protection

Mail Basic 1

2 GB

£1/monthexcl. VAT Cancel anytime

1 email account with 2 GB

Free domain Included free domain extensions: .uk,, .com, .online, .net.Close

Ad-free email

Spam filter


Synchronised on all devices

24/7 expert support

Mail Basic 25

2 GB

£2/monthexcl. VAT Cancel anytime

25 email accounts, each with 2 GB

Free domain Included free domain extensions: .uk,, .com, .online, .net.Close

Ad-free email

Spam filter


Synchronised on all devices

24/7 expert support

Mail Business

50 GB

£5/monthexcl. VAT Cancel anytime
£15/monthexcl. VAT Cancel anytime
£25/monthexcl. VAT Cancel anytime
1 user (/month. per user)
1 user
£5/monthexcl. VAT
5 users (/month. per user)
5 users
£15/monthexcl. VAT
10 users (/month. per user)
10 users
£25/monthexcl. VAT

50 GB email account for each user

Free domain Included free domain extensions:, .uk, .com, .net, .org, .info, .me, .biz, .online.Close

Ad-free email

Premium virus protection and spam filter


Real-time sync of your data on all devices

24/7 expert support

Team collaboration tools calendar, contacts and tasksClose

Prices excl. VAT may be subject to change dependent upon your country of residence. Terms and conditions apply.
Your personal consultant

Tailored advice. Tips for online success. Technical support. Available via a direct phone number, chat and email. Free of charge for all 1&1 IONOS customers.

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What do you want from your email?

A personalised email address with my own domain name

Our experts recommend...
Our recommendation:Mail Basic
The package comes with:
  • An email address matching your domain
  • Mobile synchronisation of emails - your emails automatically sync to the mail clients on your mobile devices
  • Security - All 1&1 IONOS email solutions are hosted in geo-redundant European data centres and comply with strict data privacy regulations
£2/monthexcl. VAT Cancel anytime
Get it

Advanced spam and virus protection on my email address

Our experts recommend...
Our recommendation:Mail Business
The package comes with:
  • Secure antivirus and anti-spam - Stay safe from viruses, spyware and malware with our state-of-the-art protection.
  • Secure data centre - All 1&1 IONOS email solutions are hosted in geo-redundant European data centres and comply with strict data privacy regulations.
  • SSL encryption - Your email is automatically protected with SSL/TLS encryption so your sensitive data stays safe.
£5/monthexcl. VAT Cancel anytime
Get it

Outlook to manage my emails on all of my devices

Our experts recommend...
Our recommendation:Microsoft Exchange 2019
The package includes:
  • Outlook on any device - View your emails from any device and download the Microsoft Outlook 2019 client on to your phone, tablet or desktop.
  • Real-time synchronisation - Your emails automatically sync to the mail clients on your mobile devices.
  • Larger mailboxes - Store more of those important emails with 50 GB mailboxes.
12 months £3.50/month then £7/monthexcl. VAT
Get it

Work collaboratively, and share contacts and calendars with my team

Our experts recommend...
Our recommendation:Mail Business
The package includes:
  • Synced calendars and contacts - Organise meetings and see when your colleagues are available with up-to-date calendars.
  • Large 50 GB mailboxes - Never miss an email. Mail Business includes 50 GB mailboxes.
£5/monthexcl. VAT Cancel anytime
Get it

More information on our premium productivity solutions

Microsoft Exchange

Hosted Exchange is developed with the needs of business customers in mind

Learn more about the benefits of using our hosted Exchange solution to manage your professional email accounts.
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Microsoft Office 365

The ideal productivity suite to help run your business

The possibilities are endless with the market leading productivity software from Microsoft. Includes all the popular applications such as Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint.
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Customers choose 1&1 IONOS because, as Europe’s largest web hosting company, we not only provide everything you need to be successful online, but also best-in-class service through a free personal consultant.

Professional Email Address

Creating a professional email address can help you craft an online presence that inspires a serious and trustworthy first impression of you and your company. With a free email account you can only change the part of your email before the @ sign, meaning you may have to compromise on your name due to limited availability. This kind of compromise is not ideal when handling business communications as it may raise doubts about your credibility.

The advantage of creating a business email is that it can be customised both before and after the @ sign, i.e. you can choose your own email name and domain name. This gives you the freedom to create a unique professional email, such as What's more, you also have the option to forward emails from your old email address to the new one, and vice versa, making the transition smooth and easy. Email clients like Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird help you to work even more effectively by managing your mails, appointments and contacts across all your devices. Finally, when you create a business email, your account will be free of advertising, which isn't the case with many free email providers.
The more professional the image that your email address for business offers, the more you can get out of your business communications. In contrast, imagine receiving an invoice from an email address like This instantly makes a bad impression before you have even opened the email. Using a free email like this rather than a business email address risks giving off an anonymous or untrustworthy impression.

In contrast to this, creating a business email ensures a reliable and professional image. It also allows each employee to create a business email address, such as, and to assign new email addresses for specific services, such as When you create an email account for business with 1&1 IONOS, everything you need is available under one roof. In addition to business email addresses, we offer hosting and server solutions as well as relevant online marketing tools. Should you have any questions about your business email, or any of our other products, our expert support service will be happy to help.
It is straightforward to create an email address. To get started, simply decide on the package that best suits you and then choose the different components of your address. An email address should consist of the following: a name, the @ sign, your chosen email domain, and a top level domain (TLD) such as ".com" or ".org". To create a business email, first choose the domain and the TLD. With this account, you can then create a number of different individual addresses for each of your employees using their personal names or titles.

Once you've created an email address you can access your emails anytime and anywhere. For this, you can use webmail or an email client like Outlook, which you can get as part of the Microsoft Hosted Exchange package. This gives you a comprehensive email solution for you or your company, as well as practical and reliable software. You can read more in our help centre about how you can create an email address via Outlook.
With 1&1 IONOS you receive your own email address with a domain of your choosing. For professional communication in companies, associations or societies, creating an email with your own domain is highly recommended as it always ensures a uniform and respectable appearance. It increases the recognition value of your email address, indicates professionalism, and helps create trust with the recipients of your emails. This applies for individuals as well as organisations. For example, a personalised email address with a domain name can give off a more positive impression when sending job applications digitally.

Do you already know the domain name you want? If so, it is advisable to secure it as early as possible because others may be interested in the same one. Since domains are always unique, they can sell out quite quickly or they may already be taken. For larger companies, it's often worthwhile to secure several domains at the same time in order to directly reserve the appropriate email addresses for different services, departments or subsidiaries. Perhaps you would also like to separate private and business emails, and use a separate email domain for each one? You can do this with 1&1 IONOS email solutions, and secure all available domains directly. Simply use our Domain Checker to see whether your desired email domain name is still available. If it has already been taken, you will be shown some possible alternatives.
There are a number of reasons for changing an email address. Whether you're married and have taken your partner's name, renamed your company, or your business requirements have changed, you can change your email address in just a few clicks. Simply log in to the 1&1 IONOS Control Panel, select your email address under "My Products" and change it to your desired variation. For a smooth transition to your new email, arrange for all mail to your old address to be forwarded to the new address. If you want an entirely new domain, you can add new ones in your own time – all you need to do is check the availability and then secure your new domain.
Typically, smartphones already have a pre-installed email client that can be easily connected to your 1&1 IONOS business email address. Alternatively, you can use your preferred mobile email client. In both cases, the app needs to support IMAP accounts in order to work with your 1&1 IONOS email address. Our help centre provides a step-by-step guide for setting up your email address on an android or iOS smartphone.

In addition to this, you also have the option to set up your business email account with Microsoft Outlook 2016 client when purchasing our Microsoft Hosted Exchange product. You can also access your mail, contacts and appointments via the web app OWA (Outlook on the Web) or the Outlook apps for mobile devices. Simply install the Outlook app on your smartphone and get started in just a few clicks. If you have more questions about the setup, contact our expert support team who will quickly assist you.
Our Hosted Exchange package includes the Outlook email client available for download. After installing it onto your device, you can set up your email address in Outlook with just a few clicks. This will enable you to synchronise your mailbox, contacts and appointments. Depending upon which version of the client you use, the method by which you add your email address in Outlook may differ slightly. You can find step-by-step guides relating to this in our help centre, and remember that our expert support team are always on hand to help.
Yes, 1&1 IONOS offers company email solutions that are well-suited for this purpose, such as the Microsoft Hosted Exchange package. With this, you receive a comprehensive email solution, plus Microsoft Outlook for your employees. Whether you own a tax consultancy with 4 employees, a small firm with 20 employees, or you're a fully-fledged large company with many dependents, your new corporate email will help you manage all communications centrally. Furthermore, as your business grows, your email can grow with you.

Our centrally managed infrastructure provides a number of benefits to companies of all sizes, with no complicated in-house solutions and no need to worry about maintenance. What's more, you can benefit from our expertise and professional 1&1 IONOS support: all you have to do is call to be put in contact with an expert who will answer all of your questions about creating a company email address.
Once you've registered your brand new email domain, then you can continue with the first steps of creating your business email. Set up the email program of your choice, for example: Microsoft Outlook. The required server settings are generally automatically detected – if not, simply insert the data provided by 1&1 IONOS. Alternatively, you can use the webmail. Set up your email on your other devices if you want to use multiple devices to send and receive your emails. With Microsoft Outlook, you can also use the Microsoft apps on your phone. The setup for this is similar to the server setup: if the server settings are detected automatically then you're ready to go, and if not, quickly enter the data manually and you're set!

It is important to ensure that all employees have access to their business email addresses. Send test emails to a known address in order to make sure that the sending and receiving of emails is running smoothly and that the setup was successful. A professional email signature is also important for a professional appearance and is even mandatory in the business sector: business emails are considered a formal method of communication in the same way that business letters are. You can find further information about professional email signatures in this article.

You can also arrange for all emails going to your old address to be forwarded to your new business email address. Following this, inform all your acquaintances, business contacts, and colleagues that your email address has changed. You can make changes to your mailbox and set up filters or folders in accordance with your individual requirements.
Our server-side security systems are always up-to-date, meaning they react immediately to current threats and protect your mailboxes to the highest security standards. Despite all of the best security measures, however, it can happen in exceptional cases that spam and phishing emails find their way into your mailbox. Read our Digital Guide article to learn how to recognise and deal with these emails and how to protect your corporate or home network from them.

Spam is unfortunately a widespread phenomenon in the Internet Age. These unwanted messages are not only annoying – they can also contain harmful phishing links or Trojans disguised as attachments. Thanks to the 1&1 IONOS email spam filters and antivirus system, emails with malicious attachments or suspicious content are intercepted before they ever reach your mailbox.

If you continue to receive spam messages regularly, you can make further settings in the 1&1 IONOS Webmailer. For example, create personalised blacklists and whitelists to refine and customise your spam protection. Mail from senders in the blacklist is automatically deleted, although you can remove a sender from the blacklist at any time.
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