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Domains & Hosting

Reliable, safe and sustainable hosting

Giving you the best Nextcloud experience while respecting the environment.
Nextcloud Platinum Partner badge

Platinum Partner

As a Nextcloud Platinum Partner, IONOS works closely with Nextcloud, offering a powerful cloud platform and support tailored to Managed Nextcloud.
Certified Nextcloud Hosting badge

Certified infrastructure

We provide you with a high-performance environment that meets the highest standards. Managed Nextcloud was certified by Nextcloud as part of a comprehensive system audit.
Green Hosting powered by IONOS badge

Green hosting

The European data centres that host your Nextcloud are solely powered by renewable energy, and our energy management systems are ISO 50001 certified.

Making teamwork more secure

Flexible, GDPR-compliant cloud storage for small businesses, agencies and individuals.

Store, manage and edit data together

Work together with your colleagues or partners via a simple, central interface. Create documents, files and folders, and keep them private or share them. With advanced rights management, you'll always have control over who can access what.

Whether you're working with your team or externals, all changes and comments are automatically synchronised. Previous file versions are always available if you need them. And you can brand your Nextcloud with a personalised URL and your logo.

A man looking at different document versions in Nextcloud

Stress-free admin and security

Choosing Managed Nextcloud from IONOS saves you time and effort from the start. Installation is much simpler than with self-hosted Nextcloud, so you don't need any tech expertise to get set up. You'll also have less to think about once you're up and running, as we'll take care of all system updates.
Data privacy concerns are also a thing of the past. Managed Nextcloud gives you full control over who accesses what. Customise access rights to your needs, and monitor and log all activities. This makes it easier to adhere to compliance guidelines, and also simplifies reporting and auditing.
A woman changing the sharing settings of a folder from her phone

Communicate and collaborate

Improve your teamwork with highly secure collaboration and project management tools. Hold video conferences in your own cloud with the Talk app. All conversations and content are protected from third-party access in secure data centres.
Nextcloud Groupware includes a team calendar, address books, webmail and a Kanban board. All data is always synced for all users on all integrated devices. Connect with Microsoft Outlook, and add more apps to improve your productivity and security.
A woman giving a presentation using Nextcloud apps

Access anywhere, anytime

In the office, at home or on the go, Nextcloud gives your secure access to your data from any device.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Mobile apps for all the main platforms
  • Desktop clients for Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Access files using WebDAV
  • Integrate your existing Google or Dropbox storage

The Nextcloud dashboard shown on PC, tablet and smartphone

See Managed Nextcloud in action

In this video, you'll get a quick overview of all the ways Managed Nextcloud makes teamwork easier.

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Choose your Managed Nextcloud package

SSL certificate included
Maintenance and updates by IONOS
24/7 support

500 GB

Great for getting started with Nextcloud

Only £6/monthexcl. VAT Cancel anytime

500 GB

Users You can create as many user accounts as you like, but it may impact performance. Each package is optimised for a maximum number of users at any one time.
Unlimited accounts
Recommended for up to 5 users at the same time

Connect your own domain (optional)
1 SSL certificate

1,000 GB

Perfect for organising your group or club

Special offer

3 months Free then £9/monthexcl. VAT

1,000 GB

Users You can create as many user accounts as you like, but it may impact performance. Each package is optimised for a maximum number of users at any one time.
Unlimited accounts
Recommended for up to 15 users at the same time

Connect your own domain (optional)
1 SSL certificate

3,000 GB

Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses

Only £20/monthexcl. VAT Cancel anytime

3,000 GB

Users You can create as many user accounts as you like, but it may impact performance. Each package is optimised for a maximum number of users at any one time.
Unlimited accounts
Recommended for up to 25 users at the same time

Connect your own domain (optional)
1 SSL certificate

10,000 GB

Best for large projects and teams

Only £45/monthexcl. VAT Cancel anytime

10,000 GB

Users You can create as many user accounts as you like, but it may impact performance. Each package is optimised for a maximum number of users at any one time.
Unlimited accounts
Recommended for up to 100 users at the same time

Connect your own domain (optional)
1 SSL certificate

All prices exclude VAT charged at 20%. VAT may be subject to change depending on your country of residence. Terms and conditions apply.

Top security. Peak performance.

Our ISO 27001-certified data centres are among the most secure in the world. Regular maintenance and updates make sure our network, hardware and software components meet the latest tech standards. We are proud to be a Nextcloud Platinum Partner, giving you powerful cloud infrastructure combined with individual support.

As a leading European cloud and hosting provider, we rely on state-of-the-art security technology to cover all eventualities. We perform and mirror backups daily, and keep your data safe from DDoS attacks and other threats.

Secure, certified data centre

Key features of Managed Nextcloud


All files are automatically synchronised. So all your colleagues have the latest versions on every device.


Share files securely via password protected links. You decide who can do what in your cloud.


Discuss within the document you're working on, and use the comments feature to easily resolve questions.

Access via clients

Free desktop and mobile clients (iOS, Android) provide flexible access to all the features of Nextcloud.

Integrate external storage

Already using Google or Dropbox storage? Integrate them into your Nextcloud account for a smooth transition.


Coordinate team projects more easily with Workspaces. Share information, manage tasks and swap ideas.

Secure data sharing

Protected upload and download links make sharing files safe and simple, whether with colleagues, customers or external partners.

Delete files remotely

Project done and dusted? From your Nextcloud interface, you can delete all shared or downloaded files from third party devices.


Presentations are a breeze with Nextcloud – just share your screen with everyone in your video call.

Password protected meetings

Invite participants to online meetings with a password protected link that leads straight to Nextcloud.

External participants

Want to have a video call with someone outside your organisation, or someone who doesn't use Nextcloud? Not a problem.


Chat with one person privately or create rooms for group discussions. All conversations are securely stored in Nextcloud.

Desktop and mobile app

Chat and call from wherever you like. Get the desktop app, and the mobile app for smartphone and tablet.

Share files in meetings

Conveniently share files with all participants during online meetings for easier collaboration.

Activity feeds

Get notified by message or email when files and folders are changed, downloaded or commented on.


You can also use the activity app to keep track of who has modified, downloaded or commented on files, and what was changed.

Account management

Create and manage user accounts and set up group or guest accounts, all from one place.

Two-factor authentication

Prevent unauthorised access with two-factor authentication, and hardware tokens like Nitrokey Pro, Nitrokey Storage and Nitrokey FIDO U2F.


Connect your existing email addresses to Nextcloud Mail via IMAP. Easily manage multiple accounts and add itineraries to your calendar.


Organise your day by creating new appointments or adding external calendar resources via WebCal. Share and schedule meetings.


Keep your contacts up to date across all devices. Share your address book with your team.


Create individual or shared Kanban-style boards, create tasks and set deadlines for colleagues.


Carry out surveys securely in your own cloud. Choose between check boxes and drop down menus according to your needs.


Enjoy uninterrupted group work with a streamlined text or markdown editor that's compatible with MS Office.


Create and manage individual or team tasks with start and end dates. Easily sync up with a local client like Thunderbird or iCal via CalDAV.

Mind mapping

Visualise structures and processes with mind maps created in Nextcloud. Share with others as needed.


Make your own personalised maps with OpenStreetMap and Leaflet. Plan routes, and add photos and contacts to different locations.


Easily create and edit diagrams in Nextcloud using


The Circles app lets you bring colleagues together in groups. Circles can be completely private and hidden, public, or invitation only.


Collect, organise and share your bookmarks all in one place.


Create Doodle-like polls to reach decisions about dates and events with multiple people.

IONOS Managed Nextcloud use cases

Find the right option for your business or project, big or small.
People working at an agency

Media and advertising

Simpler organisation means more time for creativity.

  • Easy data management
  • Share large files internally and externally
  • Connect to Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.

A lawyer working in the office

Financial and legal services

Maintain the highest data privacy standards and confidentiality.

  • Powerful server and client side encryption
  • Extended access controls
  • Activity logging for compliance and auditing

A group of people having a discussion around a table

Clubs and associations

Collaborate and organise your group, with no data security worries.

  • Create individual permissions for each member
  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Keep track of who has accessed files, and any changes made

Looking for another Nextcloud option?

Icon: cloud integration
Cloud Servers

Self-hosted Nextcloud

Prefer to take care of Nextcloud admin yourself? Install Nextcloud on one of our powerful cloud servers and stay in charge of configuration and updates.
Icon: cloud computing

Nextcloud for larger organisations

Larger businesses with 100+ employees need individual solutions and support. Request a callback via our contact form and find the right option for your organisation.
We're here to help

Your personal consultant

Managed Nextcloud has a lot of features. If you'd like some help getting the most out of your cloud, feel free to get in touch anytime. Your personal consultant is your single point of contact for tailored support. Just ask:

  • How can I track shared files?
  • How do I integrate the cloud storage I'm currently using into Nextcloud?
  • How can I personalise the user interface for my company?

Learn more
A Nextcloud user getting tech support from her IONOS Personal Consultant

Managed Nextcloud

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Nextcloud is open source cloud software that is primarily used as cloud storage, but can be flexibly expanded with various features for communication, security and productivity.

With Nextcloud, you can back up and synchronise your files automatically and, if necessary, data from other users in the cloud. You can access data and/or business apps in the cloud from any location and from any device – whether on a smartphone, tablet, desktop PC or laptop. It’s also possible to set up individual sharing and access rights that can be configured and customised.

In addition to the wide range of possible uses, one major difference compared to other cloud storage – such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive – is the protection of your data. With Nextcloud, you keep control over your data and your privacy. If you opt for Managed Nextcloud Hosting from IONOS, your data will be stored in European data centres where strict data protection regulations apply.

Managed Nextcloud hosting from IONOS provides you with GDPR compliant data storage as well as strict European data security and other services. This flexible and secure data storage is suitable for companies, institutions and associations, as well as for self-employed and private individuals.

If you have the appropriate technical knowledge, you can also host Nextcloud yourself. With the Managed Nextcloud Hosting solution, however, the administrative side will be taken care of for you.

By choosing Nextcloud hosting from IONOS, you can be sure that all your data is secure and compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The data is stored exclusively on servers in EU data centres and is therefore subject to strict data protection laws. IONOS does not compromise on quality, security and performance.

You can set up Managed Nextcloud Hosting with just a few clicks. We take care of cloud updates and the entire infrastructure so you don’t have to worry about any security risks due to outdated versions. You don't need to think about whether the correct PHP or MySQL version is installed or whether the configuration files are structured correctly. You don't need to obtain SSL encryption certificates for HTTPS connections, nor do you need to update them. We make sure that the server’s operating systems are up to date, the firewall is configured correctly and your Nextcloud is up to speed.

Managed Nextcloud Hosting from IONOS is a highly reliable and secure Nextcloud hosting solution. Your data belongs to you and you alone, which means that no one else can access it unless you deliberately share files. Thanks to extensive configuration options, you can define access rights precisely and individually – according to each user’s needs and their role. For example, you can set up time-limited passwords for data sharing or define customised access rights for reading, writing and sharing data. Nextcloud also provides the option of video calls to share your data. Instead of sending the password via email or chat, the recipient must start a video call to request the password from you. This innovative method allows you to verify the identity of the person before you give out the password.

With IONOS, all your data is stored in compliance with the GDPR. This also applies to cloud data. Our Nextcloud servers are located exclusively in our state-of-the-art data centres in Europe and are subject to strict data protection laws. Unlike with many other cloud hosting services, your data will not be transferred to other countries where comparable high data protection standards are often not in place.

We ensure that your cloud is always kept up to date from a technical perspective. You do not have to deal with any maintenance or system updates. This way security risks caused by outdated installations can be avoided.

Once you've decided on Managed Nextcloud Hosting and want to set up your private cloud, you first need to select a suitable package. You can then begin the Nextcloud installation directly in your customer account with just one click. You’re now able to start creating users, using Nextcloud data, or communicating right away. In the app store, you will find numerous apps that enable you to expand Nextcloud’s range of functions and adapt it to your needs.

Meanwhile, IONOS takes care of all administrative tasks, performs all updates, and handles your Nextcloud setup. You can get started right away.

If your data has been stored with another provider, such as Google, OneDrive or similar, you do not have to migrate it immediately. You can add other cloud storage to Nextcloud and then access all of your existing data in one interface.

You’ll notice the first benefit of Managed Nextcloud as soon as you install it – no programming skills are required. After purchasing, you choose your desired domain and create the first user. You can then get started right away. For more information, read the "How do I install Nextcloud?" section of this FAQ. Once you've installed Nextcloud, IONOS will take care of all system updates. You're only responsible for updating the Nextcloud apps that you've selected.

Self-hosted Nextcloud is particularly suitable for customers with a high level of technical expertise who want to define every detail, take care of regular maintenance and carry out all necessary updates themselves.

Tip: You can also install Nextcloud yourself on a cloud server from IONOS and extend the functions of Nextcloud anytime via the apps. Within your hosting contract, you can use as many free apps as you like. Please note the minimum requirements when selecting a server.

With Managed Nextcloud Hosting, you can enjoy all the benefits and features of Nextcloud without the administrative effort or technical expertise. You can back up your data, synchronise it automatically, and organise and transfer photos, videos and other data in no time at all. The data transfer is completely encrypted. IONOS operates your Managed Nextcloud in European data centres in compliance with the highest security standards. We take care of regular maintenance and all necessary system updates. Nevertheless, you are always in full control of your Nextcloud and your data. Who you grant access to is entirely up to you.

Small to medium-sized companies and larger teams that need secure, functional and convenient data storage as the basis of their collaboration platform choose Managed Nextcloud. Nextcloud Hosting from IONOS is also suitable for private individuals as well as for companies, institutions and associations who want to move their local file server to the cloud.

In short, Managed Nextcloud Hosting is an ideal, affordable and professional collaborative storage solution for small and medium-sized businesses and larger teams that don't want to hire extra IT specialists to set up and maintain their Nextcloud server. As an experienced hosting provider IONOS takes care of all this for you so that you can devote more time to what is important to you.

Yes, as long as you have an internet connection and a suitable device, you can securely access your data at any time no matter where you are – this is one of Nextcloud’s greatest strengths. You can access your data storage both on the move and via desktop client. This works via:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS

In addition, Nextcloud is not only compatible with Windows, etc. – third-party clients can use Nextcloud via WebDAV. Android and iOS apps can be downloaded from the following links:



Yes, the Nextcloud theme can be customised extensively, for example to match your company’s corporate design.

In addition, you can send individualised links with your own URL instead of generic URLs from third-party providers such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

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