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Whether your website is about your own family or families in general, with a .family domain you can now get the ideal web address to reflect your personalised online content. Why not use your family name as the first part of the web address to let everyone know what your website is all about? A clear, unique and memorable .family domain name the perfect way to stand out online and appeal to a specific audience.

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Let people know about upcoming family events

Weddings, graduations, retirements - family events happen all the time, and the people closest to you want to know when they're occurring! Upload pictures of the events for people who aren't able to attend. To find out if your preferred .family domain is available, use IONOS's convenient domain search tool. Enter your desired URL and find out immediately whether that name is available for registration. Secure your .familiy domain today!

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.family domain

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The .family domain extension offers a new way to attract and welcome visitors to your online presence. An informative .family domain can immediately show the subject of your website and stand out to a specific audience, for example, people with a certain surname, or parents looking for family-friendly online content. By registering a new domain ending, you can also make your web address far more memorable for users.

As a descriptive domain ending, .family can be used to highlight any content related to families. Do you have a family website or blog? A .family domain is the perfect match for any online space where you post family photos and share cherished memories. If you're researching your family tree or organising a reunion, a .family domain is also a great fit. Maybe you're just creating an Internet resource for families everywhere! A .family domain is ideal for all of these purposes and more.

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