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Do you own a Limited Company or are you in the process of setting one up?

The release of new top-level domains (TLDs) means it's now possible to obtain a web address that accurately reflects your business from start to finish. And because these new endings are only just becoming available, you have a unique opportunity to buy a perfect match domain before someone else does. With IONOS, you can match your online identity and register your .Ltd today – without hassle or compromise.

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Limited Company is the best platform for growing a business

Registering a Limited Company is the ultimate sign of seriousness and professionalism. Show your customers you mean business by reinforcing your brand identity and commitment to excellence with a .Ltd domain. And don't forget it's possible to buy more than one .Ltd extension in the event that you have multiple companies. With so many available domains to choose from, the sky's the limit!

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.Ltd is the new domain for a global business

Thanks to the internet, your customers can be anywhere. Showcase your British heritage and international aspirations with a cutting-edge domain name that reflects centuries of trust and tradition. Show the world you're always open for business with .Ltd.

.Ltd domain

FAQs - Frequently asked questions

An .Ltd domain shows both prospective and regular customers that you are a real limited company, which differentiates your online business from generic .com outfits that can be operated by anyone. Customers increasingly want to feel secure and reassured as they start to do more of their business online and your .Ltd domain will help achieve this. You will also protect your online identity and match it precisely to your company. Now is the time to secure your brand with IONOS.

One of the main reasons to buy an .Ltd domain name is that you can perfectly match your web address to your company name and promote your business as an official limited company. This allows you to leverage the professionalism and trust engendered by a limited company when you do business online. However, in order to protect your brand and ensure that web traffic is directed to your company when your company name is searched for, it is also advisable to register the most popular extensions, like .uk or .eu. Registering these additional popular domains, or some from the intriguing nTLD list like .london, and redirecting them to your primary URL helps to secure your search traffic and ensure that no other business can buy an .ltd domain that could potentially compete against your business.

With IONOS it is quick and easy to register your domain. First, simply peruse all of the available .Ltd domains that interest you and reflect the brand image that you are trying to build for your company. To do this, simply type options that you feel could be a good fit into the IONOS domain checker to see whether they are available. Every time you search for a domain in the domain checker, it automatically generates a recommendation list of additional extensions. Once you have made your selection, you merely need to click continue and will be redirected to a simple and comprehensive registration form. And that's all it takes to register your .Ltd domain!

You will first have to buy an .Ltd domain name if your current domain is a .com or other extension, since this isn't merely a transfer to another domain host, but a new extension for your domain. Then, once you transfer your existing domain to IONOS, it will show up in your control panel and you will be able to access it. With the assistance of the IONOS Help Centre, you will then be guided through the process of setting up a 301 redirect to ensure that your traffic from your old domain is redirected to your new domain extension.

As far as transferring your existing domain over to IONOS goes, the process couldn't be any simpler. The comprehensive three step process first requests an authorisation code from the provider of your current domain. Second, simply enter your existing domain into the "transfer" box on the IONOS domain transfer page. It will then prompt you to enter the code you received from your current provider. Once entered, you will then be redirected through an easy step-by-step transfer process. Once this is completed, your transfer is underway and will take minimal time for processing. Our excellent customer support, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, can help you through the process too. Whatever help you need and whenever you need it, we are here for you.

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