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Domains & Hosting

Corporate website

Does your business need a website that’s always available, even in times of high traffic? Whether you’re running a simple site or an advanced customer portal, you've come to the right place.

High performance and availability

A mission-critical business website needs to load quickly and always be accessible. Data and application security is just as important, with technical and legal requirements to be met. Performance demands change over time, so scalability is also essential – the underlying infrastructure needs to be as flexible as possible.
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Reduced costs

You only want to pay for the services that your business really needs.
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Your website needs to grow alongside your business and be scalable at any time.
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Even under heavy traffic, your business website needs to load fast and remain available.

vServer (VPS)

Our vServer (VPS) product provides a cost-effective hosting platform for your business website. Choose a package with the level of performance to suit your requirements, and benefit from free and unlimited traffic.
With various data centres in the UK, mainland Europe, and the USA, you can select the ideal location to host your server.
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Cloud Server

When flexibility and scalability are essential, IONOS Cloud Server is the perfect solution. Processing, memory, and storage resources can be added whenever you need increased performance, and new servers can be ready to go in just 55 seconds. It’s simple to manage your whole infrastructure via the intuitive cloud panel.
IONOS Cloud Server also provides a Wildcard SSL certificate to securely encrypt your business website. Additional protection is provided by our central firewall and the latest SIEM and IDS/IPS technologies.
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Dedicated Server

Our dedicated server products offer maximum performance and availability for the most demanding projects. The latest enterprise hardware and 100% dedicated resources ensure your business website always stays available, even with heavy traffic.
You have total control to configure your server in any way. If the requirements of your business website change, it’s simple to integrate your physical server alongside virtual machines and additional cloud-based services.
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Your personal consultant

Tailored advice. Tips for online success. Technical support. Available via a direct phone number, chat and email. Free of charge for all IONOS customers.

Award-winning support

We're always working to improve our customer support, and we're proud to have won several awards. These include Best Customer Engagement Initiative and Best Use of Customer Insight.