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$8.50 / 1st year then $ 17 /year
$8.50 / 1st year then $ 17 /year
$8.50 / 1st year then $ 17 /year
$8.50 / 1st year then $ 17 /year

What is a .hair domain?

The new domain ending or top-level domain (TLD) ‘.hair’ is managed by L’Oréal and has been available since March 2021.

It was released at the same time as other beauty related TLDs like .beauty, .skin and .makeup. A top-level domain like .hair is good for providing your audience with more context about where they’re heading to when they click on your website - with a .hair domain they know that your website is related to haircare. You’ll probably already be familiar with TLDs such as .com or .net. The .hair domain ending opens up new possibilities for creative domain names.

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Which purposes are .hair domains suitable for?

The .hair domain is ideal if you want to communicate a love of all things hair related to your website’s audience.

This might be if you run a hair salon or own a hair care product business. Buying a .hair domain is suitable for those who want to show clients that the business not only focuses on a particular area (in this case, haircare or hairdressing, for example), but also that the business is modern and creative as it has opted for a modern take on a TLD.

The classic TLDs like .com or .net are suitable for most purposes, but newer TLDs are becoming more specific, and that’s why they’re a good choice. They give your audience more immediate context so they know what to expect. Furthermore, if domain names with classic endings are already taken, you can try to opt for a .hair domain to get your desired domain. It’s also useful to secure your brand name by registering it with different endings as well as .hair.

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FAQ .hair domain

You can be creative when you choose your individual .hair domain name as long as you stay in the range of 3 to 63 characters, only use letters and numbers and no special characters. Try catchy combinations that end with .hair but remember to keep it short and simple so your customers will be more likely to keep your .hair domain in mind. When planning your website budget you should consider the costs for buying a .hair domain.

You usually pay for a year in advance. At IONOS, you’ll pay £8.50 for the first year and £17 per year after that. IONOS aims to help you get your business online with affordable domain prices. Since a website is usually a long-term project, your .hair domain registration will renew automatically unless you cancel in time before the renewal starts.

Fortunately anyone can buy a .hair domain as long as there is no copyright infringement involved. You can use your new .hair domain for your web presence and for your own email domain. The domain check at IONOS lets you know within seconds if your favourite domain name with .hair is still available. You’ll also get suggestions using other domain endings – very helpful to secure your brand name. If your desired .hair domain should already been taken, you will get alternative name suggestions, too.

Newer domain extensions such as .hair are more descriptive and unique than traditional TLDs such as .com. .hair domains communicate your business’ focus on all things haircare, and means potential clients are left in no doubt as to what your business is all about.

TLDs give search engines information as to their content, target audience, and relevance. This means you have both your mid-level domain and TLD to communicate that your business is all about hair. This helps search engines identify your website as a possible contender for people looking for hair care websites or hairdressers.

Social media marketing is a competitive world – and every hairdresser will agree that the hair world is no different. Reaching and keeping clients is the bread and butter (or shampoo and conditioner?) of a good hair care business, and a .hair domain should help do that in social media because it outlines what your business is about from the off.

Registering a .hair domain can benefit your social media as you’ll be able to incorporate it directly into your social media brand. .hair is a more modern TLD than older ones such as .com or .net – using this kind of TLD in social media communicates the fun you have with your business, as well as showing the passion you have for hair. This could be especially useful for e-commerce businesses who often rely on a memorable customer connection for their business and online marketing.

Lots of people get inspiration for hairstyles on social media, so incorporating your website name into your social media profile can help gain exposure when people are searching. If your name has got to do with hair directly, it’ll help get the attention of your customers, which can help engagement rate and hopefully result in those all-important conversions!

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