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What is a .makeup domain?

A .makeup domain is a website address with the new top-level domain (TLD) ‘.makeup’, which has been available since March 2021.

There are lots of new TLDs such as the .makeup domain. You can use it in addition to or instead of a more traditional TLD. It is one of several lifestyle category TLDs, and is managed by L’Oréal. The company’s intention behind the .makeup domain was to create an intuitive namespace for businesses and individuals who have their fingers on the pulse of modern beauty. You can register a .makeup domain with IONOS easily.

A top-level (TLD) is part of a domain name and is useful for providing audiences with more context on where they’re navigating to on the internet. For instance, if you visit a website, you know it is a government website. You’ll recognise website endings (TLDs) such as .com or .net. With a .makeup domain you’ve got new opportunities to find a catchy address for your website.

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Which purposes are .makeup domains suitable for?

A .makeup domain is ideal if you want to communicate a love of all things makeup to your website’s audience. This might be if you are a makeup artist, or if you own a makeup product business.

Buying a .makeup domain is suitable for those who want to show clients that the business not only focuses on a particular area (in this case, makeup artistry or makeup products, for example), but also that the business is trendy and creative as it has decided to use a modern TLD.

‘Classic’ TLDs like .com or .net are suitable for most purposes, but lots of great domain names with these endings are already taken. That’s where .makeup domains and other beauty-related domains are helpful: You get the chance to register your individual .makeup domain name.

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There are many possibilities to be creative with your .makeup domain name. You need at least 3 characters and can have as many as 63. All letters and numbers are possible, but no special characters. You only need to pay attention to other brands’ copyrights.

When you plan the budget for your website you should also consider the costs for your .makeup domain registration. You usually pay for a year in advance. At IONOS, you’ll pay £8.50 for the first year and £17 per year after that. With these reasonable costs it’s super easy to get your business online. Your business is usually a long-term project but you don’t have to worry about renewing the registration of your .makeup domain – this happens automatically each year. Of course, you also have the possibility to cancel the registration if you don’t want to continue.

Anyone can buy a .makeup domain. It can be used for your web presence and for your own email domain. This can help boost your professionality and give a great first impression to potential visitors. If you run a beauty-related business you should also think about registering your domain name with TLDs like .beauty, .hair, or .skin.

Newer domain extensions such as .makeup are more descriptive and unique compared with traditional TLDs such as .com. A .makeup domain can help boost your business’ online presence by making it clear to your customers that you’re totally focused on makeup and everything that goes along with it! Clarity is key in business and this is a great start.

An informative TLD is a great way to provide search engines with extra information about your website such as its content, its audience, and its relevance. You have both your mid-level domain and TLD to communicate that your business is all about makeup. This helps search engines identify your website as a possible contender for people looking for makeup artists, makeup products, or makeup blogs.

Makeup inspiration is often found via social media, and incorporating your .makeup domain name into your social media presence means you not only grow your social media more easily, but create a direct link to your website, too. Registering a .makeup domain can benefit your social media marketing as you’ll be able to incorporate it directly into your social media brand.

E-commerce businesses often rely on this form of online marketing and being able to incorporate your whole business name into your domain and social media handle keeps things neat and concise. Using a .makeup domain within your social media marketing can be really effective, especially for social media.

This is a great way to grow your customer base – whether you’re a local makeup artist, and international makeup blogger, or an independent beauty brand. By using your .makeup TLD in your social media profile, you’ll signal your professionality to your clients as well as your love of makeup. Tip! If your .makeup website is already up and running, it can be a good booster for your social media profile – and vice versa!