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$8.50 / 1st year then $ 17 /year
$8.50 / 1st year then $ 17 /year
$8.50 / 1st year then $ 17 /year
$8.50 / 1st year then $ 17 /year

What is a .beauty domain?

A .beauty domain ending is another top-level domain (TLD) that you can use in addition to or instead of a more traditional TLD.

This TLD is managed by L’Oréal and was delegated in 2016 – but it has only been generally available since March 2021. You’ll already be familiar with website endings such as .com or .net. Top-level domains like these provide more information and more context to your audience about where they’re ‘going’ on the internet. For example, if you visit a website, you know it is a government website. A .beauty domain clearly states that your website is dedicated to beauty – for business or personal reasons.

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Which purposes are .beauty domains suitable for?

If the main purpose is to sell beauty products or services, this will be perfect. Newer TLDs are becoming more specific so that’s why it pays to register a .beauty domain if it fits your site.

They are helpful for giving your audience more immediate context, so they know what to expect when they click on your website’s URL. .beauty is an ideal domain if you want to communicate a love of beauty to your website’s audience. This might be if you run a beauty salon or own a beauty product business.

That’s not all a .beauty domain is limited to though – if you’re a landscape photographer, for example, you might want to show your love of the world’s natural beauty with an online portfolio with a .beauty domain!

Lachende Frau mit Hut


When you think of an individual domain name for your .beauty domain, please consider that you have to use at least 3 characters but a maximum of 63. Feel free to use letters and numbers but avoid any special characters. When choosing a domain name, you can be creative and incorporate word play with the word ‘beauty’ in the end. Your .beauty domain name should be rather short and easy to remember.

Pay attention not to step on any other brand’s toes as they might already have the copyright. Furthermore, you should consider the costs which you pay for one year in advance. At IONOS, you’ll pay £8.50 for the first year and £17 per year after that. IONOS is committed to affordable domain prices to help you get your beauty business online. Since you usually run your website for a longer time, the registration of your .beauty domain renews automatically unless you cancel it.

Unlike TLDs, anyone can buy a .beauty domain. It can be used for your web presence, and for your own email domain. With the domain check at IONOS it’s easy to find out if your desired .beauty domain name is still available. You also get recommendations for which domain names could be useful to register in addition or instead.

Newer domain extensions such as .beauty are more descriptive and unique than traditional TLDs such as .com. .beauty TLDs are useful for individuals and businesses wanting to highlight their focus on beauty products or services directly to their customers.

The way TLDs affect SEO is to give search engines information as to their content, target audience, and relevance. By embedding .beauty directly into the domain of your website, your clients know without a doubt that your focus is on services or products related to the beauty industry. This helps search engines identify your website as a possible contender for people looking for beauty websites.

Registering a .beauty domain can benefit your social media marketing. You’ll be able to incorporate your website name directly into your social media brand – without needing to use a clunky .com or .net. By using your domain as your social media name, it gives your clients the chance to remember your full web address. This could be especially useful for e-commerce businesses because they rely on good social media and SEO. Here’s why using a .beauty domain within your social media presence can be really effective:

  • .beauty is ideal for beauty shops, blogs, and salons for their web presence, but is perfect for social media, too. By using the TLD in social media, it also communicates the focus of the site to customers instantly, narrowing down your business from the sea of competition.
  • Many salons already have ‘beauty’ in the name, meaning that you don’t need to change your social media handle or copy to make the most of your new website with a .beauty domain.
  • Social media marketing is a competitive world – no less than the beauty world itself. Standing out from the crowd is therefore even more important, and a more unusual TLD can help with that!
  • If you already own a website with a different TLD, that doesn’t mean you can’t also buy a .beauty domain for your business. You may want to purchase the TLD just so you can use the URL extension in your social media branding and forward visitors who visit that TLD to your existing website.