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It's easy to create a clan website yourself

Create your own clan website quick and easy without prior knowledge with IONOS. With our Website templates you have all the layouts and visuals you need to promote your gaming clan.
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Test a Clan Website with IONOS

Create and test a clan website

If you want to create a clan website, why not give IONOS a try? The intuitive and user-friendly tools provided will help you make a clan website, even if you don't have web design experience. The package comes complete with enough guidance, tools, services and features to provide you with everything you need to create your own fully-functioning website tailored to all your clan's needs. As if that wasn't enough, you can also customize or individualize your clan website according to how you like it. Once up and running, you not only benefit from low-cost tariffs, but also from powerful servers, great infrastructure, and support around the clock. What are you waiting for? Create your clan website today!
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MyWebsite Packages: Build your own Clan Website today


Powerful website builder for experienced developers, designers and agencies:
MyWebsite Creator

6 months £5/monthexcl. VAT then £15/monthexcl. VAT
6 months £5/monthexcl. VAT then £25/monthexcl. VAT

Website builder
Includes professional templates prefilled with text and business-related images

Free domain for 1 year First year domain offer only valid on initial purchase of a 12-month contract. Included free domain extensions:, .uk, .com, .net, .org, .info, .me, .biz, .online.

Professional email included

Social media widgets Connect your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. Integrate videos with YouTube and Vimeo or upload and manage images from your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts.

Business widgets Easy drag and drop business widgets like customer reviews and online scheduling.


All prices exclude VAT charged at 20%. VAT may be subject to change depending on your country of residence. Terms and conditions apply.

Create a Clan Website and Present News, Achievements and Members

The Clan Website news section

The news section of your site is important so that your clan members, as well as visitors and opponents, are up-to-date on the latest clan news. If you create your clan website with IONOS, you can make the start page your clan news page. This allows for you to prominently display the latest information – such as successes, introducing new members, or other important clan announcements – ensuring that the most pertinent information is easily accessible to members and guests.

Present the achievements of the clan on your clan website

Anyone who likes to play online and who is interested in e-sports knows perfectly well that the success of a clan is the most important drawing factor. Important games, triumphs of any kind, tournaments, and winning prize money are achievements to be proud of and should be publicized. When you create your clan website, having an extra page dedicated to listing all of the clan's success and achievements helps you present this vital information in a clear and prominent way.

Presenting members on your clan website

Of course a clan would be nothing without its members and players across its various teams. The members are what makes a clan. The individual personalities of each player and clan member form the heart of the clan and should be honored and presented accordingly. So when you create a clan website, you should plan a separate page that is dedicated to displaying your clan members. It is best to have a profile and a short description of each player so that all visitors can gain a well-rounded perception of your clan as a whole.

Give your clan an image with a photo gallery

The players of a clan often live across the country, or even internationally. It is therefore all the more important to be able to plan and promote events such as LAN parties, tournaments, or private clan meetings. Here, members can interact in a more relatable way and become more than merely names on a computer screen. In order to give your clan an image, you should make a clan website gallery in which such events and get-togethers can be promoted, as well as shared photos of the events for all clan members to see. Create a familiar, recognizable atmosphere in your clan and share memories of meetups and events on your clan website.

Clan Website

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

If you decide to create a clan website with IONOS, we will provide you with all of the necessary tools to accomplish the task quickly and with minimal effort. The IONOS MyWebsite package includes hosting on a server with ample webspace and your desired domain name with an associated email address. There are numerous content management systems, design templates, and tools available for creating and setting up your clan website, all of which work intuitively via drag-and-drop functionality. This means that you can successfully create a clan website that looks and functions perfectly without prior programming knowledge. You also gain access to an extensive library of over 17.000 graphics and images, plus user-friendly image processing software, which allows you to rotate, crop, add filters, and edit images. This ensures that the graphic and visual demands of your clan website are easily met.

Various indispensable clan website features can be integrated thanks to our suite of web apps and plug-ins, including news, calendars, FAQs, achievements, galleries and much more. Elements like a shoutbox can also be easily integrated via external providers or JavaScript snippets. If you have problems with your clan website, or need assistance with the creation or administration, our support is available online and over the phone around the clock.

With the affordable IONOS MyWebsite packages, you can create a clan website that is attractive, functional, and stable without having any knowledge of programming or web design. Our tools and programs are intuitive, so you can easily create professional websites with just a few clicks of your mouse. This is highly beneficial if you want to create your clan website according to your specific design ideas, without having to learn coding languages. With our tools, you can always access a preview of the results in the backend – the area where you can make changes as an administrator – allowing you to see what each page looks like to those visiting your clan website. Through intuitive operation, you simply drag and drop the elements to the place where you want them to appear, and easily add text using the input fields. All you need to bring along is an idea, creativity, and some time. In fact, you do not have to prepare anything for the basic layout of your clan website at all if you don't want to. Browse through a wide variety of design templates and select the exact one that suits your clan best.

When you create a clan website with IONOS, you can choose from a variety of design templates and layouts that are completely customizable according to your needs. When choosing a template, you are essentially choosing the scaffolding on which your clan website is built; by using the intuitive design interface, you can then alter each page to taste. This allows you to build your new clan website without any previous web design knowledge. There is no limit to your ability to individualize your clan website design when you create your clan website with IONOS.

If you wish to include specific features, there are numerous web apps and plug-ins that make this incredibly easy. Insert a newsfeed, incorporate a guestbook, integrate a shoutbox with external providers, integrate the social media channels of the clan into your clan website, integrate a gallery, include surveys, and much more. Quality apps and plugins individualize your clan website and extend its functionality. In short, all of these features help to make a clan website unique and function well, which is why at IONOS we make feature integration as easy as possible. Should you run into any problems or have any questions, our customer support is always at your disposal.