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Register a .skin domain for your skincare business

Clean and simple – like a good skincare routine – check out the .skin domain
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£8.50/1st year then £17/year
£8.50/1st year then £17/year
£8.50/1st year then £17/year
£8.50/1st year then £17/year

What is a .skin domain?

The new domain ending .skin is one of several lifestyle category top-level domains (TLDs) and was first made available in March 2021.
The application for general TLD in the form of .skin was made by L’Oréal, who also manages the .beauty, .hair, and .makeup TLDs.
A TLD provides your audience with more context about where they can expect to go on the internet – if you visit a website, you know it is a commercial website, for example. But lots of good domain names with well-known TLDs like, com or .net are already taken.
The new .skin domain ending opens up new opportunities for your beauty-related business. You can register to use a .skin domain with IONOS.
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Which purposes are .skin domains suitable for?

Buying a .skin domain is suitable for those who want to show clients that their business is focused on a particular beauty business area, in this case, dermatology, or skin care.

This might be if you run a skincare clinic or own a skincare product business, just to give a few examples. A .skin domain gives your audience more immediate context, so they know what to expect.

The .skin domain ending is ideal if you want to communicate a love of all things skin care to your website’s audience. You can also combine it with other lifestyle-related TLDs like .beauty, .hair, or .makeup. All your new internet addresses can be directed to your website.

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Skincare and beauty call for a creative .skin domain name: You can use 3 to 63 characters and choose from all letters and numbers. Domain names with special characters are not available for this TLD. Please pay attention to the copyright of other brands when choosing your .skin domain.

You should also consider the yearly costs for domain registration when you plan your website budget. At IONOS, you’ll pay £8.50 for a .skin domain for the first year and £17 per year after that. The registration renews automatically for another year, so you don’t have to worry about losing your domain name again. If something changes with your domain or business name, you can cancel your registration up until a few days before the new registration period starts.

The .skin domain is available to everyone. You buy a .skin domain for your web presence, and for your . This can help boost your professionality and give a great first impression. The domain check at IONOS lets you know immediately if your desired .skin domain is still available. You also get suggestions with other suitable top-level domains – a great opportunity to secure your brand name.

Newer domain extensions such as .skin are more descriptive and unique than traditional TLDs such as .com. A .skin TLD can help boost your business’ online presence by making it clear to your customers that you’re totally focused on skincare and everything that goes along with it! Clarity is key in business and this is a great start. It’s also beneficial to register domain names with other beauty-related TLDs like .hair, .makeup, or .beauty if these fit your business portfolio.

TLDs can provide search engines with information regarding their content, target audience, and relevance. This means you have both your mid-level domain and TLD to help you get the message across that your business is related to all things skin. This helps search engines identify your website as a possible contender for people looking for skincare products or skin specialists and will then display it to them.

Social media marketing is an essential way to grow a business and can be a great tool for education and information, too. Educating people on their skin and skincare is part of any skin care business’ plan. Skincare businesses can therefore benefit from these social platforms. By incorporating your .skin domain into your social media presence, you can combine your carefully planned website with a social presence, too. A .skin domain can benefit your social media as you’re able to incorporate it directly into your social media brand.

By using your domain as your social media name, it gives your clients the chance to remember your full web address. This could be especially useful for e-commerce businesses who often rely on this form of online marketing. Skincare can be complicated! Having a simple, united brand, across your website and on your social media, can help take some of the complication out of the equation.