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Domains & Hosting

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eCommerce Website Builder

An online shop that grows with your needs

  • Get started with stunning designs
  • Grow with advanced marketing and administration
  • Development models that maximise your potential

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Build your online shop

No additional transaction fees
Optimised for all devices
Discounts and coupons
Abandoned cart recovery
24/7 support
Tips via email


Everything you need to sell online

3 months Free then £25/monthexcl. VAT

Online Shop for up to 5,000 products
Including all payment methods, a shipping wizard, and much more

Free domain for 1 year with Wildcard SSL Certificate and 1 email account First year domain offer only valid on initial purchase of a 12-month contract. Included free domain extensions:, . uk, . com, . net, . org, . info, . me, . biz, . online.

Multilingual Website

Basic SEO

Facebook Shop

eCommerce Advanced

Add efficiency with advanced operations

6 months Free then £50/monthexcl. VAT

Online Shop for up to 10,000 products and eGoods
Including all payment methods, a shipping wizard, and much more

Free domain for 1 year with Wildcard SSL Certificate and 1 email account First year domain offer only valid on initial purchase of a 12-month contract. Included free domain extensions:, . uk, . com, . net, . org, . info, . me, . biz, . online, . store.

Multilingual Shop

Advanced SEO

Facebook and Instagram Shops Sell on Facebook Messenger

Wish lists

Store Management App

Advanced operations

eCommerce Expert

Make volumes with B2B, Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay & more

3 months Free then £75/monthexcl. VAT

Online Shop for up to 1,000,000 products and eGoods
Including all payment methods, a shipping wizard, and much more

Free domain for 1 year with Wildcard SSL Certificate and 1 email account First year domain offer only valid on initial purchase of a 12-month contract. Included free domain extensions:, . uk, . com, . net, . org, . info, . me, . biz, . online, . store.

Multilingual Shop

Advanced SEO

Facebook and Instagram Shops Sell on Facebook Messenger

Wish lists

Store Management App

Advanced operations Square POS

Sell on Google Shopping, etc.

Sell on Amazon and eBay through integrated app

B2B functionality

All prices exclude VAT charged at 20%. VAT may be subject to change depending on your country of residence. Terms and conditions apply.

Your storefront to the world

Open up a world of opportunities within minutes.
Grow and evolve

Everything you need to sell online

From small beginnings, great things grow. Benefit from a platform that makes your online shop stand out from the crowd. The MyWebsite eCommerce packages encourage your business to grow and evolve, and include all the tools you need to succeed.
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Graphical display: Shipping methods and online marketplaces for selling online
It's all in the design

Create a shop that takes centre stage

So you're ready to turn your hobby into a fully fledged online business? Go you! It can be daunting even thinking about where to begin. Our platform requires no coding or designing expertise in order to create a breathtaking online shop.

Just drag and drop modules, add pictures, widgets, videos and more, and experiment with text fonts and sizes. And look at that, you've created a fantastic website that looks great on any device.


A million ways to win over your customers

The choice of listing up to a million products, or a smaller range of 5–10 items is yours. Add variations such as size and colour, and descriptions that leave your visitors with no choice but to purchase the item.

When you're ready to launch a new product, simply upload the item's details online and voilà, it's rolling off the shelves within minutes.

Mobile app

Manage your shop wherever you are

Add and modify products directly from your smartphone. Scan the barcode, take a picture, add the description and your product is online.

Track sales as and when they happen and keep an eye on your monthly turnover. It's your shop, but in the palm of your hand.

Graphical display: Shopping online via a smartphone
Flexible payment options

Make it rain

Offering the right payment methods can go a long way in convincing a customer to buy from your online shop. Alongside the traditional options like PayPal and credit card, users can choose from a wide range of methods depending on location and market. Build trust and convenience right from the get-go.
Graphical display: Payment methods for selling online
The shipping wizard

Cutting edge shipping technology

Take your customers on a journey they'll remember with a range of convenient shipping methods such as same day delivery, in-store collection and standard shipping.

Why not take it a step further and include a personalised thank you note with every delivery, or special coupons to be used on their next purchase?

Graphical display: Packages on an assembly line; Shipping methods

Reward and engage with customers

Icon: Sale; Discounted prices


Shift older stock easily by offering discounts for a quick sale.
Icon: Coupon


Personalise the shopping experience with coupons for loyal customers.
Icon: Facebook Shopping


Meet the growing demands for social shopping with one-click integration of your store with a Facebook shop.
Icon: Instagram Shopping


Keep up with the latest trends and link your store to an Instagram profile. Let the influencing begin.
A friendly reminder

Unique checkout experience

Your customers will love the simplicity and unique purchasing experience of your online shop. Customise shopping baskets with individual layouts and wording, plus benefit from cross selling features.

As a last resort, you can still save leads with the abandoned cart recovery, where customers are sent a friendly reminder notifying them when orders are left incomplete.

Increase volumes and sync inventory

Business models that encourage growth

Encourage B2C and B2B customers to increase the size of their orders with volume discounts and an easy-to-use client area. Add a login function to your shop where customers can view detailed information on your B2B models and different pricing lists.

The built-in POS feature also allows you to sync inventory across both online and offline channels, meaning you're always kept in the loop about stock levels.

Graphical display: Online store; Item on sale
Sell anywhere

Expand the reach of your shop

The way people search and shop for products has changed a lot over the years. One thing that hasn't changed, however, is the need for a presence on the most popular marketplaces.

That's where we come in. Our platform syncs and integrates your online shop with Amazon and eBay, and price comparison portals such as Google Shopping.

Graphical display: Integration of external online marketplaces

Make work easier and increase visibility

Icon: Online marketing

Bulk invoice printing

Allow yourself a well-earned break as we take the hassle out of manually printing individual invoices.
Icon: Contract


VAT IDs are automatically collected for B2B shops, saving you time when financial reports are due.
Icon: App advisor

Fraud checks

The higher end packages include features that support users in identifying fraudulent orders, like warnings on orders stemming from an overseas IP address.
Icon: Magnifying glass


Search engine optimisation fields for individual products help improve Google rankings.
Icon: Newsfeed

Facebook Ads

Advertise your products on Facebook feeds. All you need to decide on is which products to push and how much you want to spend – our tools do the rest.
Icon: Search engine advertising

Google Ads

Automated marketing tools help you push your products with tailored ads that appear in Google search results.

Build an eCommerce website that has it all

We've thought of everything so you don't have to.

Domain and SSL

All of our eCommerce packages include a free domain for the first year of your contract.

SSL encryption is also a must for any online store. It's free with us.

Hosting and email

Georedundant and secure hosting is a core pillar of our business. It's worth noting that you have to pay for this service with other providers. Not here.

You'll also get a free professional email account.

Your personal consultant

Tailored advice. Tips for online success. Technical support. Available via a direct phone number, chat and email. Free of charge for all IONOS customers.

Award-winning support

We're always working to improve our customer support, and we're proud to have won several awards. These include Best Customer Engagement Initiative and Best Use of Customer Insight.

What do you want to do with eCommerce?

Our recommendationeCommerce
eCommerce has everything you'll need to start an online business.
  • Stunning designs and an expansive product catalogue
  • Wide range of online payment methods and customisable shipping options
  • Marketing features like coupons and discounts, abandoned cart recovery
3 months £0/month then £25/monthexcl. VAT
Get it
Our recommendationeCommerce Advanced
eCommerce Advanced is the perfect platform to optimise your shop.
  • Includes everything in eCommerce, plus:
  • Advanced operations like mobile admin apps, bulk invoice printing, VAT number collection, and automated fraud checks.
  • Advanced marketing features such as SEO fields for products and integrated Instagram and Facebook Shops.
6 months £0/month then £50/monthexcl. VAT
Get it
Our recommendationeCommerce Expert
For a B2B business model, we recommend eCommerce Expert.
  • Includes everything in eCommerce Advanced, plus:
  • B2B features such as a customer portal, multiple price lists, and client groups
  • Sell through multiple channels
3 months £0/month then £75/monthexcl. VAT
Get it
Our recommendationeCommerce Expert
We recommend eCommerce Expert for higher volumes.
  • Includes everything in eCommerce Advanced, plus:
  • The choice of adding multiple channels, such as Amazon, eBay, and price/product comparison portals
  • Sell wholesale
3 months £0/month then £75/monthexcl. VAT
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Online shop builder

FAQ – Frequently asked questions.

An ecommerce website is a fantastic option for professional sellers with an eye on gaining new customers online and extending their reach. Nonetheless, online store builders are so simple and cost-effective to set up nowadays that beginners can start selling online without any prior experience. Anything from rare collectors’ items and custom-made T-shirts, to your own paintings can be sold once you’ve decided to set up an online shop as your website. Luckily, it’s quick and easy with IONOS.

Ecommerce website builders essentially do all the hard work for you and no programming, coding, or sophisticated technical know-how is necessary. You can choose a design template, upload product images and descriptions, and start reaching potential customers right away. After setting up with an ecommerce site builder, you have the freedom over how you choose to run things and even save on sales commissions that other major online selling platforms will charge.

For professionals and newbies alike, creating an ecommerce website is always worthwhile for those looking to sell their products and/or services to customers online. Keep in mind you can also sell online on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Learn about selling on social media with the use of the Social Buy Button.

Although an attractive website and intuitive navigation are important when it comes to an online shop builder, not to mention great deals and savvy marketing, the way you present your products should always be the main focus of your site. This means that your images must be high-quality with good lighting and must present the product in a positive way. Interesting and engaging product descriptions with as much detail as possible are also helpful for motivating potential customers to buy online from your eshop. For example, if you’re selling packs of items such as napkins or plates, then state exactly how many the customer will receive in the description.

Furthermore, it helps to have an easy-to-read and memorable URL, a simple and logical page structure, and attention-grabbing headlines to make your eshop stand out from the crowd. In general, don’t forget about developing a clear website structure, with informative descriptions and sharp images that detail exactly what your product is all about. Images with good titles and descriptions are also important for practising useful SEO (search engine optimisation) methods, so too is adding meaningful keywords to help shoppers find your website shop via Google and other search engines.

Depending on the package, there are many online store builder tools from IONOS that help you with advanced SEO features. Make sure you visit our page with a checklist for creating a professional online shop to help with making your ecommerce website look its best.

You can purchase the entry level eCommerce shop package for the price of a cinema ticket. Even the highest package only costs the equivalent of a nice dinner out. Peanuts really.

Depending on the number of products in your shop, you can be online in anywhere between a few hours and a day.

Adding as many payment methods as possible is incredibly beneficial and can often sway a customer towards purchasing from your ecommerce shop. In addition to classic options like PayPal and credit/debit cards, there are several newer methods to choose from depending on your location and market. There are also payment methods like direct debit, purchase on account, and even Stripe and Bitcoin. PayPal Express Checkout is becoming a favoured option for customers to shop online quickly by avoiding the need to enter log-in data.

Help build trust for your customers by providing convenient and flexible payment methods when setting up a store with an ecommerce website builder. It’s worth bearing in mind that it’s not entirely necessary to set up all payment options when you first use an online store builder, as you can add other methods later down the line. Some options are immediately available with your own business bank account, while others require you to create a separate account with the specific provider.

You can only select one currency for your shop. The selection is independent of your location.

The highest package allows you to connect your shop to the Square POS system, where users can manage online and offline inventory with the help of the Square POS App.

Of course. In the highest package you have the option of defining different customer groups and different pricing categories for each group.

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