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Domains & Hosting

Create a website in three steps

Make something great for your business, your portfolio or yourself.
Website designs

Choose a design

Pick a template that's right for your industry or idea. This is the basis for your website.
Choose your website images

Add your content

Get everything just how you like it. Customise the template, add text and images.
Publish your website

Publish your site

Finished? Hit Publish and your site will be online on your own domain (web address).

Get started with a template

Choose a design made for your industry or area. Customise it to make it uniquely yours.
An industry-specific template is the perfect foundation for your website. Add your own text and images to turn your idea into a successful online presence.
See all designs

Bring your ideas to life

Expand your template by adding new sections, text and images.
Text and images

Easy editing. Flexible design.

Edit your images and text the way you want. Choose a font style you like and access thousands of free high-quality photos.

All templates are responsive. This means your website will adapt to look great on different devices like PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Build your website with pre-made sections
Search engine optimisation

Get found on Google

See how your website is displayed on desktop, tablets and phones using the preview mode. Once you've added the finishing touches, it's time to publish.

Your website will be a big hit with search engines, as it's built for high visibility and fast loading. Plus, helpful tools make further search engine optimisation easy.

Search engine optimisation, Google search results

More than just a website creator

MyWebsite has everything you need for your online presence.
Website contact page with a professional email address

Professional email

Don't promote someone else's brand with your emails. Choose professional communication with
SSL icon and domain in the browser bar

Domain and SSL

Your domain is free for the first year. We'll also throw in an SSL certificate. This protects your visitors' data.
Responsive website design on desktop and mobile

Responsive design

No matter what device your visitors are using, responsive design means your website will display perfectly.
Website visitor analytics

Simple stats

Keep track of visitor numbers and other statistics with the analytics tool. Use the data to improve your website even more.
Cookie banner

Privacy tools

Privacy matters to your customers. Help make your site GDPR-compliant with a ready-made cookie banner.
Success with marketing tools

Room to grow

Ready to grow your online presence? Great! Easily add marketing tools or an online shop to your website.
Website + Shop

Start selling online

Expand your website with an online shop

Create a product or service listing, upload an image and enter the title, description and price. That's all it takes to start selling online. Promoting your business and selling on social media is easy too – just sync your site with Facebook and Instagram.

Offer your customers a great user experience with different payment options including PayPal, credit card and bank transfer, and set up customised shipping and collection methods.

Proud jumper shop owner updating his online store

Choose how you want to build your website

Responsive design
All the webspace you need
Personal consultant
Tips via email


Intuitive website builder for beginners who want to get online quickly:
MyWebsite Now

12 months £1/monthexcl. VAT then £9/monthexcl. VAT
12 months £1/monthexcl. VAT then £19/monthexcl. VAT
Easy website builder
(no shop)
Easy online shop builder
(website builder + eCommerce – includes popular payment methods, social selling and much more)

Quickly build a stunning website – no experience needed

Free domain for 1 year Domain free for 1 year when selected in original order. Extensions:, .uk, .com, .net, .org, .info, .me, .biz, .online.

Professional email included Create a professional email address based on your domain. For example: You can add more addresses at any stage.

Professional templates with pre-built sections, design options and colour schemes for fast editing


Powerful website builder for experienced developers, designers and agencies:
MyWebsite Creator

6 months £5/monthexcl. VAT then £15/monthexcl. VAT
6 months £5/monthexcl. VAT then £25/monthexcl. VAT
Advanced website builder
(no shop)
Advanced online shop builder
(website builder + eCommerce – includes popular payment methods, social selling and much more)

Build a website with full design freedom

Free domain for 1 year Domain free for 1 year when selected in original order. Extensions:, .uk, .com, .net, .org, .info, .me, .biz, .online.

Professional email included Create a professional email address based on your domain. For example: You can add more addresses at any stage.

Professional templates with full design freedom. Edit HTML and CSS

Multilingual website

Dynamic websites with video backgrounds and animations


Powerful website builder plus dynamic personalisation features:
MyWebsite Creator+

6 months £10/monthexcl. VAT then £20/monthexcl. VAT
6 months £25/monthexcl. VAT then £50/monthexcl. VAT
Advanced website builder
(no shop)
Advanced online shop builder
(website builder + eCommerce – includes popular payment methods, social selling and much more)

Build a website with full design freedom

Free domain for 1 year Domain free for 1 year when selected in original order. Extensions:, .uk, .com, .net, .org, .info, .me, .biz, .online.

Professional email included Create a professional email address based on your domain. For example: You can add more addresses at any stage.

Professional templates with full design freedom. Edit HTML and CSS

Multilingual website

Dynamic websites with video backgrounds and animations

Targeted content delivery and personalisation options

All prices exclude VAT charged at 20%. VAT may be subject to change depending on your country of residence. Terms and conditions apply.

Design Service S

Ideal for a straightforward website with minimal edits

Only £40/monthexcl. VAT Setup £199

Website builder included Make changes to your website yourself once it’s online.

Design consultation and a website with 3 customised pages

1 website edit per quarter 1 website edit made by the design team per quarter.

Design Service M

Everything you need for a medium-sized website with regular edits

Only £55/monthexcl. VAT Setup £199

Website builder included Make changes to your website yourself once it’s online.

Design consultation and a website with 5 customised pages

1 website edit per month 1 website edit made by the design team per month.

Reduced setup fee:
£199 instead of £299

Design Service L

The best choice if you want a large website and frequent edits

Only £70/monthexcl. VAT Setup £199

Website builder included Make changes to your website yourself once it’s online.

Design consultation and a website with 7 customised pages Request more pages any time.

Unlimited website edits Unlimited website edits made by the design team.

Reduced setup fee:
£199 instead of £399

Integrated video with autoplay

HTML/CSS adjustments
(2 hours’ worth) Website adaptations that require programming, as these can't be implemented using the website builder.

MyWebsite Design Service contract details

Minimum contract duration

12 months / Contract renews for one month




Cancel at the end of the minimum contract term, then anytime afterwards.

Reduced setup fee

One-off payment of £199


At the end of the minimum contract term, you can choose to keep using the MyWebsite website builder for a small fee, without the Design Service.

All prices exclude VAT charged at 20%. VAT may be subject to change depending on your country of residence. Terms and conditions apply.

Individual support, when you need it

Don't sweat it alone. Your personal consultant is here to help.

One contact for all your questions

Your personal consultant is your single point of contact for all things website-related. Get in touch if you have a question, or just want some ideas for getting the best out of your new product. They're available for you via a direct phone line, email or chat.
Learn more
Business owner getting support from his IONOS personal consultant

Why go with IONOS?

Icon: hand with certificate


We're proud to be the partner at the side of millions of customers.
  • 25 years' experience

    We bring reliability, state-of-the-art tech and 25 years' experience to the table. As Europe's biggest web host, we want to use our expertise to help you succeed.
  • Support that really helps

    We're here whenever you need us, 24/7, all year round. Get in touch with our friendly team and see why IONOS support has won so many awards.
Icon: Safety shield with blue tick


Your data is in safe hands – and always available when you need it.
  • European data centres

    Our own ISO 27001 certified data centres deliver data security, the best performance, GDPR-compliance and georedundancy.
  • Guaranteed uptime

    Our servers have 99.99% uptime, so your website will be available when you and your customers need it. You'll get top page loading times too.
Icon: handshake


Fairness matters to us. So we keep our pricing and communication transparent.
  • Risk-free contracts

    If you're not satisfied, or it's not the right product for you, don't worry. Cancel in the first 30 days for a full refund, guaranteed. By phone or online.
  • No fine print

    No nasty surprises. All offer details and prices are displayed clearly before you order.

Website building options for everyone

Find what works for you – a DIY website builder or a design service.
Architect in her office
MyWebsite Now

Build your own website, fast

Create your own professional website in a few minutes. MyWebsite Now is set up for fast results. Choose a designer-made template, a colour scheme and a font style, then add content blocks. Suitable for all skill levels.
Carpenter in his workshop, working at a laptop
MyWebsite Creator

Build with full flexibility

Got big ideas for your website? Customise every detail with MyWebsite Creator, our website builder for the pros. Add video backgrounds, animations or a blog and build your site just how you want it.
Website design team working on a project together
MyWebsite Design Service

Leave it to the experts

Focus on your business while our experts create your perfect website. Experienced web designers and copywriters will take care of everything, including maintenance after your site is live. Find out more with a free consultation.

Website building with IONOS

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

The cost of a website always depends on how extensive it is. The more web design options and features you use, the more you'll need to budget for. If you want to create your own website with a website builder, you'll pay between £9 and £20 a month, depending on the package you choose and the features you need. If you want to have your website custom made or your ecommerce website designed by a professional, you can expect to spend several hundred pounds.

If you are creating your internet presence the classic way – with a HTML editor and CSS – or relying on tools such as a Content Management System (CMS) or a website builder, the skills required will depend heavily on your previous knowledge and experience in website design.

Working with computer languages

HTML is a markup language used to create webpages with information and various features. During the early days of the internet, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) was a very important part of designing a website, and there was no other option but to write the HTML source code yourself in order to create your personal website.

Even today HTML is a fundamental element of the web: it still has a large role to play in the core structure of a website and the written content of a site, and ultimately represents a large part of the final page that appears in the web browser. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is the standard language for creating a website.

CSS was first introduced in the middle of the 90's and is responsible for the presentation and design of the individual pages, including features such as layout, colour, font and font size. Aside from HTML and CSS, another fundamental language of traditional web design is JavaScript. However, its application is mostly reserved for web designers as most computer languages are considered difficult to learn.

Content management systems and website builders

There are of course other options for website design that do not involve directly working with the source code of a site: for this purpose a Content Management System (CMS) or a website builder can be used. Such software simplifies the structure and creation of a website with an easy-to-use interface that makes them suitable for web design beginners and allows the creation of a website to be done quickly and intuitively. However, such built-in tools can at times be limited in terms of design options.

Aside from web design programs for beginners, there are various CMS that also meet professional requirements – most of these are CMS rather than website builders. Many of the well-known CMS offer a lot of freedom when designing a website, but for this you also require a certain degree of familiarity with the software. When working with a CMS the content is separated from the design, making it easier to manage. In practice, a pre-made template (a design template), which can be modified at a later point, is usually used for the design. With many CMS you can also take over the design completely, for which an external web editor is usually used.

Most of the creative possibilities are self-evident if you write the source code yourself and design your website through the use of programming languages. Nonetheless, many CMS offer an excellent variety in terms of web design. On the one hand, the CMS developers regularly update the applications and design features in keeping with modern web design. On the other hand, especially in terms of CMS, the community contributes greatly to the improvement of the tool by developing extensions, tools and templates (free or paid). It is recommend that total beginners to take advantage of the uncomplicated web builders as they are easy to use and, despite their limited functionality, are quite sufficient for the creation of many website types.

Beginners can also create an attractive all-in-one website with IONOS – for this, no knowledge of HTML, CSS, or any programming language is required. Our developers have ensured that each phase of creating a website is made as easy as possible. With each one of our packages, we provide you with server capacity and your desired domain name. We offer hundreds of industry-related designs and images, all you need to do is select and create your website according to your preference. The appearance of the backend, the place where all alterations take place, largely corresponds to that of the frontend.

This allows you to keep an eye on how the end result looks when you design your web pages. All it takes is the click of a mouse to activate certain elements, and then move them into the desired position. Using a versatile editor allows you to easily write a text for your site – use it to adjust the font size and make other formatting adjustments such as underlining text. In addition to this, photos, videos and links can be easily integrated. Create your website with one of our MyWebsite packages – all of which do not require knowledge of computer languages like HTML or CSS. All you need to build a website with us is an idea, some time, and some willingness to have fun! Successful results can be seen in just a short period of time.

A free website builder is software that allows you to quickly create a free website online. These programs work in your browser, so you don't have to download additional software on to your computer – you just have to log in and design your site. The best free website software out there is designed for you to create a simple website as quickly and easily as possible. Typical features include:

  • A WYSIWYG editor ("What You See Is What You Get"), which lets you work with a real image representation of your site.
  • Drag-and-drop editor and other step-by-step solutions, with ready-made text boxes and pre-designed images to help simplify the creation process.
  • No installation needed – the storage space is provided via an external database.
  • Simple, intuitive operation.
  • Free website creation and use.


Free site builders enable you to create simple ease-of-use websites even without any previous knowledge. The downside is that these site builders rarely offer hosting services as standard and it is quite expensive to add hosting to the package or to enlist the help of an external web hosting provider. The few free ones that do offer hosting often do so at the expense of some features or with extra restrictions. Others offer hosting in exchange for placing ads on your site, which barely generate any revenue.


Templates are especially helpful for beginners who want a professional looking website, but don’t know much about programming or designing a website. This may sound great at first, but there are several drawbacks when it comes to free website builders. Since the template is fixed, there’s little flexibility if you want to change anything. There may also be other websites using the exact same template, making it difficult to stand out from the crowd.


Many companies prefer their employees to have uniform email addresses, usually containing the company name for extra professionalism. However, free domain-specific email addresses aren’t possible with free website builders and some don’t even offer them for a fee. You may need to use a plugin, add an email function, or use an external service.

Yes! People assume that it costs a lot of money to build a website, but that's simply not true. Our user-friendly website builder is designed to help small business create their personal website fast and without previous knowledge. IONOS makes it easy and affordable. Here's how the process works:

Step 1: Choose a package and a domain

If you already own a domain with your domain name, transfer it. If you don't have one yet, we'll help you find one. IONOS hosting packages, which include a website builder, offer extremely competitive pricing for budget-conscious business owners.

Step 2: Create your website using our website builder

Using our setup wizard, choose from one of our hundreds of website templates, which include options for many different industries. All of our templates are mobile-friendly, which means your customers can visit your site using their smartphones and tablets.

Step 3: Use Web apps for a customised visitor experience

Using our web apps, you can integrate social media, images you've stored in the cloud, and even online payments into your website. Let customers book appointments, track orders, watch YouTube videos, read content, and much, much more.

Bottom line: You don't have to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful, feature-rich, and surprisingly affordable website. It's not about how much you spend on a website - it's about how well it works for you and your customers.

Yes! You can handle the transfer a couple of different ways. Transfer the site yourself, backed by IONOS's tech support team, or let our professional web team take it to the next level.


If you've already built a website for your online business, we make it as easy as 1-2-3 to transfer your site to IONOS. You are able to test our website builder for yourself for 30 days with a money-back guarantee.

  1. Choose a package.

Browse our packages and choose the one that fits your business. The website builder packages differs in the number of pages which you can create, the number of built-in designs to choose from and a few other features. Pick the contract terms and payment schedule that work best for your business.

  1. Move your website to IONOS.

We make it easy to move your content to our servers and to fit it into one of our free website builder templates. If you need support during the move, we're available 24/7.

  1. Transfer your domain.

Transfer your existing domain to us, and terminate your old contract. Your website is now hosted by IONOS.

If you'd prefer a custom design to one of our templates, let a IONOS professional website creator transform your existing website into a knockout showcase for your business. After creating your unique website design, the IONOS team will:

Optimise your website so that customers can find it on the Internet

Your website always gets the attention it deserves when you choose a custom web design.

No. With our website builder, you don't need any previous experience with HTML or HTML5 code, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery or any other programming language in order to build your website. In fact, our developers have created the website builder to guide you through the process step-by-step. Web designs and images are available for more than 200 industries – allowing you to make your own website suitable for your specific requirements.

To simplify the administration of our website builder technology, the backend view largely corresponds to the frontend view – meaning there are no complicated menus or navigations and you can always see what your changes will look like. A versatile text editor is included that allows you to easily edit font size and deal with other formatting tasks whilst images, video and links can also be integrated easily. Professional website building has never been so simple. And when you use our mobile-optimized website builder, your site will be consistent with W3C standards.

When you build your website with our website builder, you can expect unparalleled safety and security. Your website will be safe for visitors and your data and software will be secured against hackers and other types of data loss. What's more, you will also be safe from viruses, malware and other threats.

Our high-performance data centres are subject to German data protection standards which are among the strictest in the world. In addition to this, your website data is secured using georedundant servers, to ensure maximum protection. When transmitting data through our fibre optic connections, we ensure multiple security measures through encryption and the data is passed through an external firewall.

Of course, when you are building a website you will need to consider the legal requirements for professional websites. IONOS can provide a template for the necessary legal texts. Finally, should you have any further questions or issues regarding security or legal operation, our experts are on hand 24/7 via phone or email.

In recent years, creating a blog or a website has become more accessible through software, platforms and organisations. Traditionally, websites are used for more static content such as business and contact information as well as more detailed features like online stores, reservation portals or contact forms. Blogs on the other hand are used for more topical or changing content such as news and updates and perhaps photo or video content.

Users opt for both a website and a blog because they provide both individuals and businesses with a complete digital presence. While a website acts as a reliable and informative reference point, a blog provides content directly to your customers and allows you to regularly update them on business developments. A blog not only keeps customers and consumers in the loop, but it also increases your website traffic and therefore your services or products.

Blogs also provide a social and interactive aspect; they allow you to comment and follow other blogs and create a supportive and connected digital community. For social media also, blogs provide more shareable content and engage users, encourage social interaction, and therefore add value to your website. Aside from maintaining and fostering healthy relationships with your customers, a business blog will improve a company's Google ranking and provide visible benefits all around.

Yes! IONOS offers valuable tools for lead nurturing and generating repeat business. Here's how we help our customers build relationships with their customers:

Step 1: Build website

Create a website with our website builder and host it with IONOS. Use IONOS Site Analytics tools to learn more about your customers. Do customers find your site using Google, or do you get a lot of referrals from Facebook? Which of your webpages are most popular? Where do your customers live? With IONOS, you'll learn the answers to these questions and more.

Step 2: Find and nurture leads

Create content for your customers, including blog posts, downloadable e-books, and more.

Step 3: Make the initial sale

Our web apps allow customers to book their first appointments or make their first online purchases from your business.

Step 4: Maintain the relationship

Keep customers coming back by sending them coupons and notifications about new products or services. Connect with them on social media. Offer a section on your website featuring the latest industry news and trends. With IONOS, you're always providing value and staying connected with your customers.

Yes! IONOS isn't just in the business of offering websites and affordable hosting. We offer several different options for attracting new customers to your site.

Get traffic from Google with search engine optimisation (SEO)

Along with our website builder, IONOS offers a set of tools. They're easy enough for beginners to use but powerful enough for SEO experts. In addition to optimising your site when you first build it, you'll get notifications about your search engine ranking. Our SEO tools provide ongoing analysis of your site's text and structure to improve your Google rankings.

Attract visitors from social networks

Whether you're active on Facebook, Twitter, Google Currents, Instagram, LinkedIn, or other social networks, our web apps connect your social media accounts to your business website. If you own a restaurant, register your business with Foursquare so that guests can check in and find each other.

Take advantage of local search

IONOS can register local companies with Google My Business so that you're easy to find on Google Maps, Search, and Google Currents. You'll be able to display the same address, phone number, opening hours, and more across all of Google's services.