Delete Snapchat account

How to delete your Snapchat account


Snapchat’s recipe for success is that images and videos that have been sent are automatically deleted immediately after they have been viewed. However, many people will eventually want to delete their Snapchat account completely. There are several possible reasons for this – the…


Reasons to get your own email domain

Personal e-mail domains: professional communication on the web


A personal e-mail domain is a must in the commercial sphere. Conveying a professional image in your contact details will ensure that customers and businesses take you seriously. Find out about the advantages of having an individual mail domain and learn how to secure a personal…


YouTube alternatives: an overview of the best portals

The 10 best YouTube alternatives at a glance


YouTube has revolutionised the Internet: since it was founded, it has been inundated with video content and more than two billion users have been recorded. No other alternative has come close to this impressive number. But what are the other video portals are available and what…


Free e-mail providers

The best free email providers: a comparison


The quality and quantity of features offered by free email providers is forever improving. Ever increasing amounts of storage space, greater levels of security, and more modern user interfaces are all being made available free of charge. But the list of possible providers is long…


iCloud with a custom domain

How to use iCloud with a custom email domain


The new premium subscription iCloud+ gives users the opportunity to use Apple’s popular cloud service with additional features. Among other things, the paid membership allows you to link the iCloud with your personal domain to send emails in the usual Apple environment using a…


Deleting a Telegram account

Deleting a Telegram account


Deleting a Telegram account is almost as easy as making one. We explain why people are making the move away from Telegram, how to completely delete your account, and what happens after you’re done. You should be aware that you can’t recover a deleted telegram account. Keep…


Best Android cloud apps

The 9 best Android cloud apps – securing your smartphone data


As Android smartphone users will know, a complete backup of the operating system can only be created with the internal backup function that leaves a lot to be desired. The solution? Using a cloud storage solution like Google Drive. However, if you don’t feel comfortable handing…


Photo backup
  • Security

There are many ways to back up photos. Which solutions are best for backing up your own pictures? Ever-improving image qualities lead to larger image files, and that’s why cloud-based photo backups are coming more and more into focus. How safe is it to store your photos there and what advantages does the cloud have over conventional data carriers when it comes to image storage?

Linux distributions
  • Configuration

It can be difficult to keep track of all the Linux distributions available. Whether you are looking to switch your business to Linux or are simply curious about Linux and in the market for a new operating system, our article shows you the top distributions and discusses their different purposes. Read on to find out more.

MX Linux
  • Configuration

MX Linux mixes Debian and antiX components and has evolved to attract ever growing user numbers and popularity. It has become a solid alternative for the most successful of Linux systems. Find out more about the MX Linux distribution, which users it is most suitable for, and what special features the operating system has in store.

  • Configuration

Lubuntu is an ideal solution for upgrading older computers due to its low hardware and memory requirements. But the Linux distribution is also suitable for other purposes. In our article, we take a closer look at the Ubuntu derivative, who it’s suitable for, and what Lubuntu’s system requirements are. Read on for more.

  • Configuration

Xubuntu is a community-developed derivative of the Ubuntu operating system. The distribution is suitable for users who appreciate speed, ease of use, and an elegant look, and want to get the most out of their laptops, desktops, or netbooks. In this article we take a look at Xubuntu’s advantages and system requirements.

Installing Arch Linux
  • Configuration

Arch is a distribution that gives users a lot of freedom. At first glance, installing Arch is a little trickier than with other systems, but can be done. Here, we explain all you need to know about installing Arch Linux, from getting prepped to downloading Arch Linux and following each installation step. Read on for more.

The best translation apps for Android and iOS
  • Web analytics

Finding the right apps for translating can be a challenge given the vast number of apps available in app stores. Different apps cater to different needs. Which translator app is recommended for speech recognition, for example? Read on to explore a detailed overview and comparison of the best apps for translation for Android and iOS devices.

Elementary OS
  • Configuration

Elementary OS is often referred to as an alternative to Mac and Windows, but it’s available for free. The latest version, Elementary OS 6, offers plenty visually and is very user-friendly. We’ll show you all you need to know about the Linux operating system, its advantages and disadvantages, and why its future is still somewhat uncertain.

  • Configuration

EndeavourOS is a Linux distribution based on Arch Linux that features a graphic installer and numerous desktop environments. It’s versatile, but also has some down sides. Find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of the Antergos successor, what the operating system offers, and whom EndeavourOS suitable for in our article.

Garuda Linux
  • Configuration

Garuda Linux combines the design possibilities of Arch Linux with a modern desktop environment and graphical tools. The operating system made a name for itself in 2020 and has become particularly popular in the gaming scene. We explain what Garuda Linux is, what its advantages and disadvantages are, and whom it is most suited for.