Operating Systems

Rocky Linux

Rocky Linux: How good is the successor to CentOS?

Rocky Linux is due to become the successor to CentOS, along with AlmaLinux. The operating system has been available since 2021 and has received good reviews thus far. Keep reading to find out exactly what Rocky Linux is, which advantages and disadvantages this Linux distribution offers, and which fields the system is best suited to.

Photon OS

Photon OS: Container virtualisation by VMware

VMware created a very lean, secure, and powerful Linux distribution for container virtualisation: Photon OS. It has been optimised for the parent company’s platforms. We’ll explain what Photon OS is, what advantages and disadvantages the operating system has, and when you’d want to use it. Read our article to find out more.

openSUSE Leap

openSUSE Leap: What does this Linux distribution do?

The Linux distribution, openSUSE Leap, has been impressing users worldwide for several years now. We’ll discuss what the operating system offers, for whom the Linux variant is suitable, and which advantages openSUSE Leap has. We will also look into the other Linux distributions that openSUSE offers. Read on to find out more.

AlmaLinux: What does the new Linux distribution offer?

AlmaLinux: Everything you need to know about the Linux operating system

AlmaLinux is a free Linux distribution that is binary compatible with RHEL and was designed as a direct successor to CentOS. The operating system has been developed in close cooperation with the community and there are no licenses. Keep reading to find out more about AlmaLinux, what advantages it offers, and what other Linux distributions are recommended.

Linux Server Distributions

The best Linux Server distributions in an overview

There are several Linux distributions available for a variety of needs thanks to the open source feature and the dedicated communities. In our overview, we’ll highlight the best providers, explain their advantages and disadvantages, and outline which operating systems are best suited for servers, desktops, or other uses.

Kali Linux

Kali Linux: What is the ‘Hacker Linux’?

If you want to check your computer or network for vulnerabilities, recover lost data, or crack passwords, Kali Linux is the right operating system for you. The open source distribution offers over 600 security tools. We'll explain exactly what Kali Linux is, what capabilities it has, and why the system is also known as ‘Hacker Linux’.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint: The reliable Windows 11 alternative

If you are thinking about switching from Windows to Linux, Linux Mint is an excellent option. The free operating system is easy to understand, simple to install, and similar enough to the Microsoft system. Here we explain what Linux Mint is exactly, what advantages and disadvantages it has, and on which computers it can be run.

Manjaro Linux

Manjaro Linux: The user-friendly version of Arch Linux

Manjaro Linux has made it its business to create a more user-friendly version of the lean and versatile Arch Linux. With the help of a graphical installation program and package management with its own frontend, even beginners can get to know this operating system with ease. Learn why Manjaro Linux is more than just a spin-off, and get to know the Linux distribution better.

Linux vs. Windows

Windows vs. Linux: a comparison

Most PC users are only familiar with Windows in its various versions, but there are alternative operating systems on the market. Linux distributions offer many advantages compared to Microsoft’s product. Nonetheless, there are many things to take into consideration before switching. So, who should you fight for in the great battle – Linux or Windows?


Xubuntu: the Linux distribution for maximum performance

Xubuntu is a community-developed derivative of the Ubuntu operating system. The distribution is suitable for users who appreciate speed, ease of use, and an elegant look, and want to get the most out of their laptops, desktops, or netbooks. In this article we take a look at Xubuntu’s advantages and system requirements.

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